Oral Health

Rush for the Brush!

Let kids go at their own paste; tooth paste that is! What you teach your children about oral health today may help them avoid dental issues in the future. Implementing healthy habits in kids for example; brushing and flossing their teeth can prevent them from the negative affects of poor oral health. The health of your child’s teeth is a direct link to their overall health. The issues involved with children's oral health go beyond physcial. Oral health complications can effect children mentally, emotionally, and even financially. All of these issues can be prevented with proper care. Brushing and flossing everyday in addition to routine dental check ups will avert the problem.

We all know brushing your teeth can sometimes be a hassle especially for young children. Try fun and engaging methods that will make your children rush for the brush! Children are recommended to brush their teeth at least three times per day or after every meal. If children do not brush their teeth excess food builds up around the teeth causing cavities and inflamation of the gum line. Try exciting toothpaste flavors or develop a creative game while flossing their teeth. Activites like this will have your children wanting to brush their teeth.

For more ideas on how to improve your child oral health enthusiasm check out: Healthyteeth.org

QVHD Coalition of Oral Health Advocates (QVHD COHA)

QVHD is building a coalition of citizens who recognize the importance of oral health as an integral part of overall health. Current access and services must be brought to the table for consideration as a result of the few interested and concerned residents speaking up and contacting their legislators. Your voice as a CT citizen has great power and can go a long way! It can greatly influence the financial savings a service, create efficient access or enforce if a bill will even make it to be heard!

Will You Consider Signing on as a QVHD Oral Health Advocate?

If you view oral health as an integral part of overall health, please consider becoming part of the QVHD COHA. All it requires from you is that you provide QVHD with your contact information. (E-mail, Town, First & Last Name)

Once QVHD has your contact information, we will then keep you updated about legislation and other oral health issues as they arise. QVHD will provide you with the facts about the issues/legislation that will impact oral health as well as the list of legislators from your district and/or state, depending on if it is local or national.

Please note: You will be the one to choose what you want to support based on the information QVHD will provide. Your decision to take action will be known only to you. You will not have to report to us what you chose to support, although we would encourage you to provide feedback about a specific issue/legislation.

There are many methods that can be used to support oral health initiatives. You can call, write, or email your legislators. You might also be invited to sign on to a letter/testimony that QVHD develops.

It’s painless! It’s educational! It’s free! You assist in the promotion of oral health for all CT residents that could lead to the achievement of proper oral health care.

To become part of the QVHD COHA, please contact Debbie Culligan, Quinnipiack Valley Health District by phone (203) 248-4528 or by email, dculligan@qvhd.org Once you are part of the QVHD COHA, you will receive information on how to become an advocate for change.