QVHD Emergency Preparedness

Helping You Prepare...

QVHD’s Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) Program plans for and responds to emergencies in Bethany, Hamden, North Haven and Woodbridge. Emergencies include natural disasters, an act of terrorism, disease outbreak and more. QVHD is committed to monitoring the availability of public health services, communicating updates and instructions for providing assistance to the town in their emergency shelters.

Start Preparing Today!

The unexpected can happen at any time without any warning.  Being prepared is the best way to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy during an emergency.

1. Build a Kit - Gather Emergency Supplies for your home, your car AND your workplace 

      -  Emergency Supply List PDF 

      - Prepare Your Car for an Emergency 

2. Make a Plan - Develop a Family Disaster Plan 

      - Create Your Family Emergency Communication Plan PDF 

3. Be Informed - Know what disasters can affect your area and what to do before, during and after an emergency

Where Do I Go?

  • Evacuation Routes- List of Major Routes throughout the State of Connecticut.
  • Emergency Shelters- List of Emergency Shelters for Bethany, Hamden, North Haven, Orange and Woodbridge.
  • Returning Home- Know when it's safe to return home after a diaster.

What About Them?

Emergencies can happen at any moment causing excessive stress for families. Learn how to prepare indivudals and animals with special needs prior to an emergency.

 5 Types of Emergenices

 1. Serve Weather: Blizzard, Cyclone, Hurricane
 2. Natural Disasters: Earthquake, Tornado, Tsunami. 
 3. Disease Outbreak: Ebola, Enterovirus, Chikungunya.
 4. Bioterrorism: Anthrax, Clostridium Botulism, Influenza.
 5. Chemical Exposure: Cyanide, DDT, HydroChloride.

QVHD Medical Reserve Corps (QVHDMRC)

Are you interested in volunteering during a public health emergency? The Medical Reserve Corps offers opportunities for both medical and non-medical volunteers to serve during emergencies at points of dispensing, shelters and community events. MORE