It's Tick Season

It's spring and along with the nice weather come the insects. The ticks are no exception. QVHD gets many inquiries about ticks. 

Finding a tick on your body can be upsetting, but it is not a cause for panic. Remember, not all ticks carry the germs that cause illness. If the tick does carry the germs, it has to be attached long enough to have taken a blood meal in order to insert the germ into your body. This is why body inspection is so important after being outdoors. Early identification of a tick can reduce the chance that the tick can take a blood meal.

Ticks can be tested but the process can take some time (up to a couple of weeks.) And even if the tick tests positive, it does not mean that it was attached long enough to exchange the germ. If you have found a tick on your body you should be vigilant for signs of illness. The classic symptom is an expanding rash at the site of the bite, however this rash does not occur in all cases. Symptoms can be varied.

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Note: QVHD does not transport ticks for testing nor test ticks at the QVHD office.

Announcement Date: 
Friday, April 28, 2017